Through careful craft and design, we extract the spicy core from rotten concepts, and bring them back into the stream as active ingredients.

Hello, User. You have come to the house of RAVA. This is a creative studio based in Warsaw. We design systems of content, especially the content that is difficult to convey, organize and comprehend. Various types of animation are favourite tools in the studio.
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Liberi Libri

Co-authors of the publication: Ewa Skimina, Jan Cieciuch


Printed publication (PDF in open access) and its website adaptation (concept, design & code) - presenting the current standards of editing scientific texts in psychology.

Skimina, E., Harasimczuk, J., Cieciuch, J. (2022). Podstawowe standardy edytorskie naukowych tekstów psychologicznych w języku polskim na podstawie reguł APA 7. Wydawnictwo Liberi Libri.

Publikacja drukowana (PDF udostępniony na stronie) i adaptowana do strony internetowej (koncept, projekt i kod) – prezentująca aktualne standardy edycji tekstów naukowywch w psychologii.

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Fresh & calming GREENS

colors used in the project

rectangles & heaviness, Montserrat font family

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Clear structure & examples


Interacting with the content

typo-vintage patterning & glassmorphism

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