Through careful craft and design, we extract the spicy core from rotten concepts, and bring them back into the stream as active ingredients.

Hello, User. You have come to the house of RAVA. This is a creative studio based in Warsaw. We design systems of content, especially the content that is difficult to convey, organize and comprehend. Various types of animation are favourite tools in the studio.
Email: [email protected] | Phone: (+48) 786 830 677

Animation Illustration DTP/prints Projects

The studio

based in Warsaw

We do motion design

The most nutritious content does not seek attention... - hard to grasp, imperceptible until visualize properly - dooms the hungry mind to feed on the available leftovers. Managing the flow between what is complex and invisible and what could be its visible embodiment lies at the heart of the house of RAVA. Incorporating the latest knowledge in the field of design psychology and psychophysics, we extract the right shape and glow from a design's core concept, so that it becomes a tasty cognitive chemical able to interact with the environment.

main designer
Justyna Harasimczuk | Rich experience in graphic design and memory research.


phone: (+48) 786 830 677
mail: [email protected]