Through careful craft and design, we extract the spicy core from rotten concepts, and bring them back into the stream as active ingredients.

Hello, User. You have come to the house of RAVA. This is a creative studio based in Warsaw. We design systems of content, especially the content that is difficult to convey, organize and comprehend. Various types of animation are favourite tools in the studio.
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Plastry z psychologii

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Content consultations - the scientific community

Konsultacje merytoryczne - pracownicy naukowi


The project aimed at bringing scientific psychology to the general public through visual communication means (animation & ilustration) as well as careful organization of crafted chunks of knowledge. Made from scratch (both website & the content) in RAVA.

Projekt popularyzujący odkrycia naukowej psychologii przy użyciu środków komunikacji wizualnej i uporządkowanie rozproszonych porcji wiedzy w sensowne porcje. Wykonano w całości w RAVA.

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Violet is the new black


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